Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Wishing you all had a great Christmas! From JDZ Productions!

Monday, November 14, 2011

See us at the IAAPA Convention in Orlando, FL Nov 15-18th

Well after a long time designing, creating and preparing we finally started assembling our 20' booth here at the 2011 IAPPA convention in Orlando, FL.

As you can see we have a long way to go judging by the photo.. but by late tonight, everything should be up and running including the 14 TV's and Specialty Lighting etc..
The convention Hall looks amazing !  Just walking around in there today.. makes me feel ilk e a big kid in a candy store! WOW...   From Lighting, Special FX, Roller Coasters, Virtual Reality, Food, and of course Entertainment some of the booths are simply spectacular!  I look forward to seeing it OPEN and up and running tomorrow morning..

I will be posting photos on Facebook soon.. so be sure to check out our most popular form of social updates. on our official Facebook page..

Here we go!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Extreme Vegas Says Goodbye to the 2011 Big E

Oct of 2010 Mr. Wayne McCary the President of the BIG E called us discussing ideas to bring something completely different to the 2011 BIG E.
Over the next months Daniela & I spent many late nights creating drawings for Sets, Costumes, Illusions & overall production concepts.. 
We created a list of people we wanted to work with, people we knew we could trust and people that would help us WOW the BIG E!...
Jump forward to Sunday Oct 2nd as I stand on stage amazed that everything we worked so hard to create over the last year had flown by so fast and it was coming to an end. 

As I stood onstage in front of what I was told the largest closing night crowd ever at the Court of Honor Stage, I was humbled and a bit sad to say goodbye to all the people who made the show such a huge hit! with nearly every performance ending in a unexpected Standing Ovation the response from the audience was the ultimate thank you for our many endless nights creating & rehearsing this show.. 
But I am writing this to say Thank you to the people who really made this show come together... 

To Mr Wayne McCary,
thank you for your Invitation and opportunity to bring Theater to a Fair!
The reaction was better then I ever expected! Thank you for the opportuntiy & compliments!

To my beautiful wife Daniela, the costuming you designed & created was stunning! I have never heard so many people ask "where did you get those costumes!"  all your support and guidance as you brought me back down to earth when my ideas got a bit out of control! LOL
I have never seen anybody work as hard as you have over this last year.. You made me so proud watching you on stage every show!  I promise a vacation is on the books soon!

To the backbone and hardest working production manager any show could have, Mr. Alex Branco thank you for your complete devotion to the show.. and opening this show on only 4 hrs of sleep! We could not have done this without you & I mean that! You are not only a great help But a great friend!

To Stephanie Bennett, flying half way around the world to work 13hr days while jet lagged is not something I thought anybody would have done for us.. But not only did you do it.. you were Full On 110% every single show..  The many late nights in the Stardust Theater creating choreography for this show, was not forgotten the chorey was exactly what we wanted,  and being on stage with you again was awesome! You definately Rocked Up for this Steph! Thank you so much

Shauna, Marisa & Andrea
You guys all looked amazing.. and I thank you for your professionalism onstage you all were superb even on the cold nights & early mornings..  you all really made us look good. 
(even when you had me cracking up!) Daniela & I found it a true pleasure to work (and have fun) with all of you!

To Luke, Leo & Sandra.. if it wasnt for your long rehearsals 
we never would have known this all was going to work! 
it all started with the 4 of you!

To all our Lighting, Sound & Backstage Techs, 
Bill, Scott, Pete, Cole, Keith, Jack
once again not possible to create a show like this if we are all not on the same page working together pushing for that same goal.. and your support to get teh show up & running & then improve the show as days went on was more then I could ask for you guys rocked!   thank you..

To the Backstage Security Team. 
Thank you for keeping our girls safe.. and escorting them thru the sometimes crazy crowds.. 
it was an unexpected neccessity! thank you

Thank you to Don Capone for that amazing Voice of Extreme Vegas!

Bill Smith & Jack Murray, Amazing Job the Illusions were a huge hit! 

My friends at Figure 53 thank you for making a Complicated show run completely automated
and yet still remain a full Live show!  QLAB is Fantastic!

Doug Zinn The Sets came out Great!  Thank you for your patients with our ever changing designs!

And last but not least.. 
To my amazing parents Susan & Davide Zoppe
Your support and help at home has not been forgotten im sure you look forward to having your
space back and 20 road cases out of your garage! LOL yes Dad Sun damage on the vehicles I know, I know! LOL  Seriously thank you for making the drive from Florida to see the show it was so nice to see you in the crowd!  Also your help with the huge tear down is so appreciated... I love you guys!

To the entire cast of E.V. 2.0  
I honestly had the time of my life.. I have never had so much fun backstage in any show.. 
my sides hurt from laughing every performance..
Onstage it was 100% PRO attitude.. on the wings.. it was Total Bloody Choas! LOL but it made the start of each show an exiciting adventure to see what was going to happen! 

Thank you all.. I look forward to Extreme Vegas 3.0!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Loving the Big E!

Today marks our one week mark performing here at the Big E I truly think I have had more fun here then any gig we have ever done! All we do is laugh backstage all day!
We have the best cast and it makes performing together so much fun! Come and see us Havin a blast on stage before Oct 2nd!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Extreme Vegas opens to Standing Ovations at the BIG E

It was 10 months in the planning to bring a theatrical Vegas style production to the BIG E here in Springfield Ma, the last month nearly killed us as the sleepless nights making the last minute corrections to the new sets, props costumes and all new soundtrack were taking place.

The Extreme Vegas dancers located all over the USA from New York to California learned the routines by custom video and animations created by us and choreographed by Stephanie Bennett, our entire cast started arriving on the 9th of Sept and started rehearsing in a local dance studio not far from the venue.

While Daniela worked with the cast
Under the direction of Stephanie Bennett, I had 17 hr days with our crew setting up the staging, illusions and special FX planned for the new production... All managed by our hard working and dedicated production manager Alex Branco who also flew in from San Diego, Ca just for this event.

We had everything fully setup on the 15th and started combining the show rehearsals now with the fx and props.

Unfortunately our last and most important rehearsal which was a planned full costume full go non stop run was cancelled the night before opening due to high winds and 36 degree temperatures! We did not want to take any risks and had to open the show live to a packed crowd on a sunny beautiful Fri morning !

To our surprise not only did the show go nearly perfect but it received a full standing ovation from the nearly 1000 strong crowd... It has received standing ovations 6 shows in a row a total surprise and huge compliment to our entire cast!

Thank you so much to the best team any production could ask for!
Alex, Stephanie, Shauna, Marisa, Andrea, Jack, Jason, Bill and Scott thank you for your hard work and amazing professionalism!
You guys all rock!
And to my beautiful wife Daniela you are amazing! I couldn't do this without you!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Back in Alaska

Well here we are again.. Last Sept 2010, we joined the Norwegian Star on it's last 2 voyages in the beautiful state Alaska, it at the time was our 3rd season here.. and still i am amazed in it's beauty.

After a Long run in Mexico the norwegian Star once again comes back to Alaska, As i am writing this Drinking a Hot Coffee in Ketchikan, Looking out at the Snow Covered Mountains and breathing in the crisp Fresh air.. a delightful change after months of Hot Weather in Panama & Mexico.

Just 28 days left before we bid farewell to our Floating Office a swe head back to our Orlando home. for the Summer. :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter Everybody

Just wanted to wish all our Friends, Fans & Family a Very Happy Easter from Justino & Daniela "EXTREME VEGAS"!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

JDZ Productions to Present "Extreme Vegas" Live for the 2011 BIG E!

If you liked "Extreme Vegas" before ...

JDZ Productions is creating the largest version of EXTREME VEGAS to date with all new Illusions, Showgirls, and a brand new heart stopping original soundtrack!  Don't miss us this year.. at The BIG E! 
for more info contact us or visit us online at

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Daniela's New Hula Hoop Workout DVD

After 4 years of filming in locations around the world,
Be sure to check out the coolest workout to hit the Gyms!
Now you can work your Core, Abs, & Cardio while having FUN!

Check it out at www. (coming soon)
Email Daniela Directly at for more info on her Workout DVD's & Hoops!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Comedy Magic show with Justino Zoppe

New for 2011 Check out Justino Zoppe in a Hilarious 45 min show of Comedy Magic, dangerous stunts, and beautiful sleight of hand that will sure to amaze! Now on the Norwegian Star till may 2011