Monday, November 14, 2011

See us at the IAAPA Convention in Orlando, FL Nov 15-18th

Well after a long time designing, creating and preparing we finally started assembling our 20' booth here at the 2011 IAPPA convention in Orlando, FL.

As you can see we have a long way to go judging by the photo.. but by late tonight, everything should be up and running including the 14 TV's and Specialty Lighting etc..
The convention Hall looks amazing !  Just walking around in there today.. makes me feel ilk e a big kid in a candy store! WOW...   From Lighting, Special FX, Roller Coasters, Virtual Reality, Food, and of course Entertainment some of the booths are simply spectacular!  I look forward to seeing it OPEN and up and running tomorrow morning..

I will be posting photos on Facebook soon.. so be sure to check out our most popular form of social updates. on our official Facebook page..

Here we go!