Saturday, June 23, 2012

Spirit Mountain Casino and Extreme Vegas

Well we're back and totally exhausted! Lol

We arrived to Portland June 10th and immediately started installing the show, lighting, curtains, video screens, props, dry ice and tons of special effects!

We literally would work around the clock in shifts... I remember after having only 4 hrs of sleep per night Richard Davis (lighting designer) and myself went back in the theater at 9pm to start programming the final lighting and video cues (and there are over 500!) we left the theater at 9:30AM to pass the dancers, Talina and Daniela
Heading in the rehearsal studio to add the finishing touches to the dance choreography... We slept for a few hrs and then came back in again for a full cue to cue rehearsal which went very well however we all had a heap of notes and repairs that we felt needed to be done before the VIP private performance only a day away, which meant no sleep yet again!

We went to bed at 5am after finally getting each video projection and 6 video screens lined up and in sync with the audio and lighting.. The good news is it looked fantastic!!!

We had a great VIP SHOW and received a standing ovation which wouldn't have happened without the 19 cast and crew! On June 16th we prepared for the main event... Made a few last minute changes to the programming and opened the doors...
At 10 min till Showtime the line for the ticket booth was around the block! We had to hold the show as they needed to bring in 4 more rows of chairs to fit everybody in the event center!

When the lights went down the audience applauded and started shouting giving us backstage a jolt of well needed energy (even redbull wasn't helping the lack of sleep!) the show went great and audience was amazing ! Really had so much fun!
Once again the extreme vegas dancers (who rocked the house by the way!) -Daniela an I walked off stage
with a full standing ovation to a sold out house at the Spirit Mountain Casino

On behalf of Daniela and myself I would like to Thank all of our dancers Andrea, Amy, Marisa, & Lindley for an amazing job! To Talina Goncalves
Thank you so much Daniela couldn't have done it without you...
Alex Branco your work ethic and organization is nothing less then I would expect from any hard working Portuguese ha ha! Thanks for postponing your honeymoon for this gig! Great working with you again buddy!

An of course Richard Davis from
Cirque Du Soleil to Extreme Vegas (boy did you downsize! Ha ha )
Thanks for your "All Niters" and working on no sleep the lighting looked great! And thanks for all the late nite laughs!!!

Of course everybody who helped us put this show together thru the years you have not been forgotten thanks so much! :S

Of course our families for your ongoing support as we travel around the world!

And to my amazing wife... Without you.. This is all for nothing... 💛

Off to the next gig we go!

We will keep you all posted!

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